Dammit, I can’t see this at lunch!

Well now you’ll be seeing it for the rest of the day. 

Welcome to my hell.

, I have visions of brushpoppers dancing in my head, too!

Mmmmm.  Brushpoppers.  Starched.  Over broad shoulders.  Tucked into tight jeans. 

What was I saying?

Get thee to my fiction page.  Sixteen is up…

Wranglers that are so tight you wonder how they even get their wallet in the back pocket…skimming down tight thighs…pooling over a great pair of Justin Ropers because the Wranglers are just a little too long.

I can play this game…the Hubs was a big ol’ redneck when I first got a hold of him!

Justin Ropers. Oh my god.

I need a second…

I have pink ones that the Hubs gave me for my 19th birthday. Huh…they might actually fit again!

Thick leather saddle. Riding double back. Arms around his waist. Low around his waist. Cheek resting on the plane of his back, between his shoulder blades. He’s got chaff in those blonde curls.

Smelling like Stetson…

Toothpick. Belt buckle. Bolo tie. Catgut guitar over his back.

Ugh. I need this.

Belt buckle from riding saddle bronc in a rodeo…

Holy hell. Can you just see that long, lean body doing the 8 second roll????


Slow dancing in the street in front of the house to “The Dance” by Garth Brooks….

And George Strait’s “The Chair”.

Front porch swing. Legs in his lap. His Stetson on your head, your fingers in his hair.

"Well, excuse me, but I think you took My Chair…"

"…it wasn’t My Chair after all."

Oh, can he be singing along???


Or, my personal favorite…”Shameless” sung by Garth Brooks. He needs to sing along to that one, too.

Sigh…all of a sudden, I’m 19 years old again.

Who the hell made this!?

The gif set? I did *bows down and gives a wicked grin* welcome to my private hell darling

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Oh no… No no no no noooooooo

I think I might be coming down with a cold.. I’ve been sneezing and coughing like shit the past 2 hours.. And now I feel like my body is being smashed against a wall.. Thank you karma.. I only wanted to give the people some hotness.. Not being to much of an evil bitch.. Well well.. I guess I had it coming..

General adamcansuckme *salutes*

I hope you are satisfied with tonight’s torture posts.. I tried not to be to harsh.. But then again I took fairly much pleasure in doing this.

Feel free to stop by if there’s anything else you need 

Peew peew *laser sound as I aim for you ovaries*

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Alright, this is why I love my parents….but I will NEVER look at them the same way again…ever.

Sooooo my two little brother, my parents and I are playing the game “Headbandz” right? For those of you who don’t know, Heabandz is a game where you put a word on your forehead band, and you have to…

Omg!!!!! Bwahahahahaa ROFLMAO!!!

I have moments where I’m bored

And I honestly have been holding back for a time now.. I needed to fire up your dashes a little.. I hope y’all not to mad or annoyed with my outburst


Sorry for the posts.. Sorry for the frustr…. Bwahahahahaa I can’t sorry but I’m here to be menace sometimes

I’ve tagged mostly of the posts NSFW

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